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Dec 10, 2019

“We live our lives in a state of anxiety. We live our lives in a state of fear. We live our lives in a state of anger. It's become normal. It's okay. That’s what the society has made us feel - that it is okay to live in suffering states because everyone is there. But it is important to nurture a beautiful state. Depending on your beautiful state will be your experience of life." - Preethaji

Preethaji is the co-founder of O & O academy, a philosophy and meditation school for transforming consciousness. She offers courses in major cities around the world. Her TEDx talk has been watched by more than 2 million people. In her new book, The Four Sacred Secrets, she and her husband, Krishnaji, teach everyday people how to harness the power of living in a transformed state of consciousness. 

I met Preetha-ji earlier this year at a book launch dinner hosted by Usher. He said his life has gained more meaning through the practices he learned from Krishnaji and Preethaji.

Here's what you'll hear in this episode:

- how self-centric thinking is at the center of suffering
- how we have become “addicted” to things like stress, anxiety, loneliness and conflict and how to start walking out of that
- how we have been taught to deal with stress, anxiety, etc by ignoring it - and what to do instead
- AND Preethaji leads us in her Serene Mind practice (you can also go on to find this in the bonus content of this podcast)





Serene Mind Practice

Soul Sync Meditation

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