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Jan 31, 2019

"We do not need to be defined by a number."

My Happier in 2019 Challenge health month is winding down, but I wanted to get a fitness expert on the podcast to chat about what worked for her and a little bit of her fitness journey.

Today you’re going to meet Meredith Stanford. She is a certified Integrative Nutrition...

Jan 23, 2019

We are twenty something days into January — and I’ve really been trying to understand habits.

How can we change our habits into ones that work for us - ESPECIALLY because so many of our habits were established when we were kids and young adults?

In this episode, Danielle talks about the habit loop - how it works and...

Jan 16, 2019

“I ask people - when do you make your best choices? When do you have your biggest inspiration? When are you creative? They’ll say things like ‘in the shower’ or ‘taking a bath’ or 'going for a walk in nature.' They bring up places in their lives when they aren’t stressed. That’s when the inspiration...

Jan 9, 2019

Today we're kicking off Season 2 of Happiness in Progress with a guest all the way from New Zealand - Jake Bailey.

You’ve probably seen him online. His story has gone viral several times since he gave a speech at his high school graduation three years ago. At that time - he had just been diagnosed with cancer… and...