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Jan 11, 2024

"If you can find joy with the perceived dark parts of yourself, it’s so much easier to find joy everyday." - Kristy Laschober

Kristy is the author of Perfectly Flawed: Uncovering Your Greatest Purpose. In it, she writes about her experience servign time in a federal prison sentence. 

Kristy has been a fierce...

Aug 23, 2022

"It's almost like a survival mechanism. I have to hold onto what is positive and what's going to get me through this day. I have to look forward or everything is going to drag me down." - Samantha Russell

I am so grateful to be introducing you to an incredible woman today. Samantha Russel is a 3x Cancer Survivor,...

Jun 21, 2022

"It wasn't a matter of me working harder, working more, burning myself out. It was a matter of me shifting my mindset to what I was capable of doing." - Katie Dodd

My friend Katie has done an incredible job of creating herself the business and life she wants! 

Katie is a geriatric dietitian, writer, speaker,...

May 24, 2022

Marcus Bridgewater, known as Garden Marcus, is a creator - well-known on tik-tok. He has been compared to Bob Ross and Mister Rogers for the genuine warmth, compassion, and enthusiasm he conveys. 

Marcus Bridgewater creates a space for us all to grow and reflect in his debut book, How to Grow: Nurture Your Garden,...

Oct 29, 2020

"Rarely was I focused on the quality rather than the quantity because I was trying to make the most people happy, trying to say 'yes' to as many things as possible - over extending myself, over extending my family. My poor family didn’t get the best of me. They got the last little chopped up slivers that were left...