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Jul 26, 2019

"When you compare yourself online - you are focusing on your reality compared to his/her highlights." - Danielle Craig

In this episode, Danielle talks about how comparing yourself on social media impacts you and your goals.

- How we get distracted on social media
- How to re-focus on your goals/concerns/homes untouched...

Jul 20, 2019

"It’s not just about the bathing suit. It’s about the fact that so many women feel this way and it’s just ridiculous."

Today’s guest is one of my favorite bloggers and Instagramers. Carly Anderson is someone who is changing the way women see themselves and what it means to have a swimsuit body.

Carly is the...

Jul 19, 2019

The very first Happiness in Progress LIVE! podcast happened last week and it was such an incredible event. The was real, true connection, important introspection and an understanding that we're all in this together.

The LIVE! guests were Lu Crenshaw and Shantell Dayton of Camp17.

This episode will include a few key...

Jul 6, 2019

Emily Norton is one of my favorite people. In days, her first book, The Seven Longest Yards — written with her husband Chris Norton - will hit book shelves.

Emily’s story went viral when she helped her husband Chris walk across the stage for graduation… then again when she helped him walk down the wedding aisle....