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Aug 17, 2021

"Worthiness is a birth right. We have to remember it’s not based on how many things we’ve achieved. It’s not based on outer validation. It actually doesn’t even matter how much outer validation you have." - Cristi Christensen

Cristi Christensen is a global empowerment coach and author of the brand new book, Chakra Rituals: Awakening the Wild Woman Within. She’s the creator of Soul Fire, a unique style of yoga that incorporates dance, meditation and mudra practices, and the co-founder of the Asia based Kirana Yoga School and US based Deep Exhale, a transformational experience merging breath, music & movement. She has taught in 20 countries around the globe to tens of thousands of women.

Her new book out today, Chakra Rituals offers a seven-week program to guide readers through the ancient science of Chakras in an easy and accessible way to enliven and empower the reader. 

In this conversation, Danielle and Cristi talk about:

  • What the seven chakras are
  • How we have become disconnected with our bodies
  • How to come home to our bodies 
  • How she was able to use this practice when the pandemic began and she lost her livelihood


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