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Dec 31, 2020

"We are so plan-oriented so we don’t allow serendipity to happen. We are in such a rush, rush mentality... I know there’s going to be chance encounters and I am setting my mind up for that. Through allowing time, I can allow space for that." - Dr. Chad Thatcher

Start your new year out with an intention to have more serendipity in your life. Dr. Chad Thatcher came on the Happiness in Progress podcast with Danielle Craig to talk about how to maximize serendipity.

Dr. Thatcher is a professor at SOU’s Outdoor Adventure Leadership department. His passion centers around exploration and helping others discover their inner explorer. Dr. Thatcher helped design and implement the Master of Outdoor Adventure and Expedition Leadership degree at SOU.

In this conversation, you'll hear about what you can do to prepare your mind for serendipitous moments. You'll also learn why you need grit and tenacity for serendipity. 


- what exploring and serendipity have in common
- the first steps to be ready for more serendipity
- what a sagacious mindset is and how to develop it
- how seizing the moment and being present allow you to find serendipity 






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