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Jun 29, 2019

"There’s a direct correlation with doubts and sadness and certainty and happiness." - David Ghiyam

David Ghiyam is a course teacher for Kabbalah One, based on the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah. He has offered tens of thousands of hours of spiritual coaching with everyone including celebrities and Fortune 500 CEOs.

David was a teenager when he earned his first million dollars. Because of his financial aptitude, his family introduced him to a life of spirituality to keep him on the right path.

In our converstaion, he talks about walking away from the money to lead a life of spirituality.

He explains what Kabbalah is, how it fits in with religion, how it can calm the chaos in life and one of my favorite parts about this is Kabbalah’s explanation of our lives — to personally transform. 

We also talk about doubt, finding joy in relationships and what some of the most successful people have told him about their regrets in life.


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