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Jan 24, 2023

"All of this, whether you’re designing your life or you’re designing a chair, requires courage. You’re creating something that doesn’t exist. Based on what you know today, you’re imaging the future." - Ayse Birsel

Ayse Birsel is one of the world’s leading industrial designers. She is one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People In Business and Interior Design Magazine recognized her as the Best Of Year Product Designer of 2020 You’ve probably held or sat on something she has designed for Miller Knoll, Target, TOTO or Toyota, among many others. 

Ayse is the author of the best-selling Design the Life You Love: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Meaningful Future.

In this conversation, Ayse gives us some insight into how a designer thinks and how we can create our own life we really want.


  • How to deconstruct and reconstruct our lives
  • A neat trick to getting to the bottom of our values
  • Finding purpose
  • How all of this applies to you no matter what age you are- in fact, she’ll talk about how a long life is the key to innovation

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