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Nov 8, 2022

If all the time, I'm a woman and I"m thinking about how I'm not good enough. If I'm thinking about how clothes are looking on me. If I'm thinking about all these other women around me who are better than me. Then how can I focus on things that actually really matter."
- Chardét Ryel

Today you get to hear from Chardét Ryel. She is a wellness entrepreneur and Behaviour Change Specialist, empowering women globally with body confidence and well-being beyond the scale. She is also the host of the Feel Good Nakd podcast for women and founder of Corpão Fitness, a Brazilian-inspired fitness brand.

Today we talk about:

  • Why diet culture has such a stronghold over us
  • How to move past it
  • How to feel good naked… without losing weight
  • And some mindset shifts we can practice today… without changing the way we look


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Connect with Chardét:

Feel Good Naked

Charet's Website

Carpoa Fitness Website

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IG: @chardetryel

FB: Corpão Fitness

Tiktok: @feelgoodnakd