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Sep 17, 2020

"Maybe I don’t feel joy right now because I’m going through something really hard right now, but I am going to feel it again. It will come again and this will pass." - Christine Daoust

Today's episode comes on the heels of a massive disaster in southern Oregon - the burning of thousands of homes. Today, you'll get to know Christine Daoust. She is a victim - or survivor - of the Oak Knoll Fire that destroyed a street of homes in 2010.

In today's episode, she talks about her rise from the ashes. How she was able to move on from the loss of all of her belongings to becoming stronger and what the tangible process of rebuilding looks like. She also offers insurance advice to those who have lost their homes. Christine and Danielle also talk about the best way to help.

There are many causes to support the victims of the Almeda Fire. Consider donating to The United Way, Phoenix/Talent School District or the Red Cross (mention Jackson County, Oregon in the notes).






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