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Mar 22, 2019

Does money buy happiness?

You know we’ve always been told that money can’t buy happiness. 

Yet, we set our entire lives… I mean from the time we are little kids… around money. We go to school, to learn how to be constructive members of society… we talk about what we want to be when we grow up… and all of that comes down to how we’ll make money.

Money is a HUGE part of our lives. Money pays for the roof over our head, the food to eat, the clothes to wear.

Those are the BASIC necessities of life. And we need money to pay for them.

In this episode, Danielle Craig explores what research has shown about whether money can buy happiness, the hedonic treadmill and the best ways to spend money to equal more happiness. Plus, the number one way you should not spend money if you want to be happier.


Money Buys Happiness

Princeton Study on Money & Happiness


Buying Time Research

Episode 65: Getting Out of Debt






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