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Apr 27, 2021

"To work out of shame and to begin to untangle all the messiness that shame is in someone’s life - for me, what I found, is that I need to SPEAK.  I need to use my words." - Kelli Evans

Kelli Evans is a Eating Recovery Center Alum and Recovery Ambassador Council Member.

Kelli shares her recovery journey from anorexia, bulimia, alcoholism, anxiety, major depressive disorder, and C-PTSD.  Kelli speaks at community outreach events and to healthcare providers at UC Medical School. In sharing her story Kelli wants people to believe recovery is possible at any age!

Kelli also writes about her eating disorder and recovery journey at Redemptive Recovery.

In this episode, Danielle and Kelli talk about how shame was at the core of her battle with an eating disorder. Plus, how she was ultimately able to walk out of shame and find her worth, what she's learned about herself through recovery and the stigma that comes with being in your 40s with an eating disorder.

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