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Aug 6, 2020

I know, I know - who has time for being a fun mom during a pandemic when we also need to be teachers, custodians and basically everything in-between. 

That is why I asked Anne Cropper to come on the podcast to talk about being a 'fun mom.' She says she's not a fun mom by nature, but made a New Year's Resolution to be more fun. That was the birth of her project #ACMoreFun (you can follow along on her Instagram page). 

In this conversation, you'll hear how she has been able to successfully add more fun to her family's lives, what she's learned about herself, tangible tips to more fun during the pandemic, how to give yourself grace while doing it and so much more.

"Life has so many ups and downs and there are so many successes and failures - and if we only base our happiness on the times that we succeed, or the times that we accomplish or prove ourselves - it can lead to a lot of unhappiness." - Anne Cropper/Ep. 130, How to be a Fun Mom

Anne Cropper is the face behind You can find her on Instagram (@annecropper). Her family owns BioSkin. She's the mother of five, a wife, writer and stylist. 

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