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Jun 30, 2020

“If we can help one family or someone’s friend not have to go what we’re going through because it’s a living nightmare, every single day. If we can help one child or one adult not take their own life than we’ve made a difference." - Dane Halbert

About five years ago, Dane Halbert and his wife lost their 15-year-old son to suicide. Now they are on a mission to equip teenagers and their parents with the tools to prevent teen suicide. 

The Halberts started Bear4Life to provide people, specifically teenagers, with the tools to recognize suicidal behaviors in their friends and be empowered to get help.

The Halberts have also started racing, to promote their message and honor their son Keylo (aka 'Bear').

In this episode, you will hear about what it's like to lose a son to suicide and the single message the Halberts want all parents to hear. You'll also learn about how to recognize suicidal behaviors, how to ask hard questions and why that's important and word to encourage those who need it.

If you are in immediate danger because of suicidal thoughts please call the suicide hotlines. 1-800-273-8255 or 1-800-SUICIDE. You can also text the number 741741 to seek immediate help.








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