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Jun 9, 2020

"The starting point is to have the conversations, but we feel super uncomfortable having conversations when we don’t have a lot of understanding." - Emily Green

Several huge campaigns to support black people and their voices has spread throughout social media like wildfire. Of course, you've seen peaceful protests and riots across the country.

The question is what's next? What can you do in your home and community to make a difference.

Today you are going to hear from Mike and Emily Green. They are a biracial couple who have created a workshop called “How to Talk to Kids About Race in America.” With riots happening across the country, they have put together an incredible resource for you called “How to Talk to Kids about Riots in America.”

Mike is the co-founder of Scale Up Partners LLC. It’s a national consultancy specializing in inclusive economic competitiveness strategies.

In this conversation, you'll learn about the value of our children and human beings in general. You'll hear about history you likely didn't learn in class, how there are still inequality issues in our lives, what they are and what can change. Plus, you'll hear about how to start teaching your children about race.


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How to Talk to Kids About Race in America

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