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Apr 3, 2020

"When we become chaotic, it adds to their chaos. We share that energy. We can share our calm with them or we can share our chaos with them. A child will never be in a higher center of their brain than the adult who is responding to them." - Shanna Malone

Today’s guest is one of my longest and dearest friends, Shanna Malone.

She has been in the education field for 10 years as a classroom teacher, an assistant director over a non-profit for children experiencing homelessness, and a coach. This year, she took on the role of Social Emotional Support Specialist for the elementary schools in a city outside of Dallas.

She has been coaching teachers on using their classroom management as an effective manner for delivering social and emotional learning. She says her vision for education is that we create a generation of students that are equipped with the emotional and social tools required to navigate adulthood with healthy and helpful strategies.

In today’s conversation we are talking about tools to help all of the parents who have students at home because of COVID-19.

In this conversation you'll hear:

- how to help teach your child emotional regulation
- how to deal with sibling fights
- how to make sure your anxiety doesn't become their anxiety
- how to teach them emotional awareness
- the power of offering choices
- and much more 


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