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Mar 24, 2020

We are in a pandemic and it doesn't feel comfortable. It is scary, anxiety-inducing, worrisome and there is a lot of unknown.

In this episode of Happiness in Progress, Danielle talks about what we can do as we have very little control of the external parts of our lives.

Danielle talks about how she gained control in spite of her diagnosed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. When you have OCD your mind tells you to do crazy things to somehow grasp control. In this episode, Danielle shares three tips that have helped her OCD and that can help you in a time of uncertainty. She'll provide tips on how to find some control, respond to what control you do have and how to let go of outcomes.

She will also reveal how a checkpoint person can help you back out of spiraling thoughts on worse case scenarios.

Danielle mentions a releasing outcomes exercise. If you would like to experience that mental exercise in real time - look for the bonus episode.

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