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Jul 6, 2019

Emily Norton is one of my favorite people. In days, her first book, The Seven Longest Yards — written with her husband Chris Norton - will hit book shelves.

Emily’s story went viral when she helped her husband Chris walk across the stage for graduation… then again when she helped him walk down the wedding aisle....

Jun 29, 2019

"There’s a direct correlation with doubts and sadness and certainty and happiness." - David Ghiyam

David Ghiyam is a course teacher for Kabbalah One, based on the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah. He has offered tens of thousands of hours of spiritual coaching with everyone including celebrities and Fortune 500 CEOs.


Jun 14, 2019

"Most people have practiced character assassination for decades." - Nando Raynolds

Nando Raynolds is a psychotherapist and life coach who has helped hundreds of people manage their internal negativity with mindfulness and compassion.

He created the workbook, “Transforming Your Inner Critic into an Inner...

May 30, 2019

"It's amazing what changing your perspective just a little bit does to your entire outlook in life." - Courtney Paulk

Courtney Paulk is a powerhouse in everything she does. In the office, she is the first female president of an 80-lawyer law firm, Hirschler. In her free time she is known for her ultra-distance open...

May 24, 2019

"If you could only see what I see in you, you would understand - your potential is limitless. Stop worrying. Try it. Go for it. Do it." - Lydia Fenet 

Lydia Fenet is the Managing Director and Global Director of Strategic Partnerships at Christies. She has raised more than half a billion dollars for non-profits worldwide...