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Happiness in Progress

Mar 18, 2019

"I want to be doing more things with my kids and less time on the stuff." - Zoë Kim

Zoë Kim is the creator of Raising Simple and author of Minimalism for Families. She is a simplicity coach who partners with women to tackle the challenges of a cluttered home and life. Zoë helps families find the best solutions to...

Mar 8, 2019

"Give yourself time to realize where you are physically and emotionally ." - Nancy Smith

I want you to meet Nancy Smith. Nancy was on a trip with her daughter's Girl Scout troop when a head-on car accident paralyzed her from the neck down. That happened ten years ago.

Nancy is the author of Only the Rats are Walking....

Feb 28, 2019

Jessica Garbarino is the founder of Every Single Dollar. She helps people, specifically single women, get a hold of their personal finances. She got start after getting out of $56k. In the first year of her journey - she paid off $26k. She is a coach, speaker and teacher on various financial topics.

We talked about how...

Feb 21, 2019

It is the month of love and Danielle is talking about the love that often goes ignored - self-love.

The problem with self-love is it starts with our inner dialogue - an often times our inner dialogue isn't positive.

Danielle talks about how to back away from negative thoughts and to choose not to let those words have...

Feb 14, 2019

"When you are doing something that is uncomfortable - that is when the change is happening." - Damona Hoffman

I am so excited for today’s guests. Relationships have changed in the 21st century - specifically finding relationships in the modern day world where people meet on apps instead of in person.

This is where...